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At 212, we take pride in helping you reach your goals.  Whether you are in need of rehabilitating an injury, getting in shape or training for an event, we will help you succeed.  Share your experiences with us below and be that inspiration to others.  Remember... INSPIRATION LEADS TO MOTIVATION. MOTIVATION LEADS TO DEDICATION. DEDICATION LEADS TO RESULTS!!!

I started my half marathon training with Jason and Healing works 3 months ago.  I have only done (2) 5k races in my life.  I'am currently 38 years old and like many other people I created a bucket list of things to do before I turn 40, 3 months ago I was unable to push past running 2 miles consecutively.  Thanks to Jason's help and training plan, I ran 6.5 miles this past weekend in under 50 minutes.  I can not explain the amazement and happiness I have.  My first half marathon is this weekend and I never thought I would be here.  I have lost 15 pounds over the past 3 months.  If I can do this, you can do this.  It is not easy, but if you follow the whole program it WORKS. Thank you Jason and Tom.  -Jonathan-



I was one of those who never had to watch their weight or what they ate. So as I grew older, had kids, added certain medications and quit smoking, I was still surprised to see I was gaining weight. I was 160 lbs when I came to Jason. (30+ lbs over what I should be & nothing was toned) He had an introductory offer I couldn’t refuse! So last Sept. 15, 2010 I began training with Jason. He has the whole package! Told me what to eat, what to cut out. I started tracking calories & protein, etc. I was seeing him 4 days a week at first then 3.  He has cardio & weights, yoga & resistance bands, balance & bolsa balls & gives a great massage! I was amazed at how hard he worked me, but I never was so sore I couldn’t move or function.  7 months later, (sorry, it does not happen overnight!) I lost 30 lbs, can’t remember how many overall inches, but 10 in the waist alone!! I went from size 14 to a 6 & am toned to the bone. I told him I would be his Poster Grama. (58 years old & 6 grandkids). So you are never too old or too big to get started!

I sound like a commercial!



I have been training 3 times a week at Healing Works since Jan. 2011. What I have gained was better that what I signed up for. Originally, I complained of weak upper body strength.  What I have obtained, in addition to strengthening my upper body, was an awareness of my core. That is helping me with my all my activities. I learned where "the core" is & how to activate it in my daily life. Also, Jason is great at tailoring a workout to your personal needs & limitations.




I have been exercising since college.  I now have three children and have never been in better shape.  Jason is able to look at your body type, lifestyle and fitness needs and push you toward and beyond your goals.  He is good for everyone! 


Kerry P.

I've found Jason to be very professional, upbeat and encouraging. Jason's careful planning of a new exercise program is very supportive of my goals to rebuild core and cardio strength. "Mary"

​After having my second child I was out of shape and over weight.  I felt like a prisoner trapped in my own body.  Jason knowledge helped me jump start my metabolism through a proper diet and a customed tailored fitness program to achieve my fitness goals.  His positive attitude and pleasant disposition made shedding the pounds fun!


Tacy T.

​Several years ago I tore my labrum and ACL while playing semi-pro football.  My recovery and rehab did not seem to be getting me back to where I needed to be until a friend pointed me in what turned out to be one of the best directions in my life.  Healing Works/Jason put together one of the best rehabilitation and training programs that I have ever been on in my 32 years of life.  I came back 




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