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Our philosophy and techniques are reflected through our own personal goals and beliefs of hard work, dedication and the willingness to succeed.  We are dedicated and committed to helping individuals of all ages and backgrounds to succeed and reach their goals.  The 212 concept is all about how a little extra effort can go a long way and help you succeed! We offer a superior level of service at very affordable rates along with online training for many of our clients who travel.  Routine is key when trying to reach any goal.  While you are on the road we can train you in the convenience of your hotel room, gym or at home. Each plan is designed to your goals and needs. Click on the contact us tab and we can assist setting you up.


                PERSONAL TRAINING
What makes our program stand out is the 212 fitness plan.  Each program is designed to meet your individual goals and no matter what your age or any limitations that you may have we will design a plan that is best for you. Give us your time and dedication and we guarantee to give you results!   

           MUSCLE TONE


Muscle tone is not just about being big and strong.  Muscle toning involves developing the muscles, tendons and ligaments that are associated with range of motion and movement.  By using various exercise techniques and working the muscle from different angles this will not only build and strengthen your muscles but will also prevent injuries that can occur throughout our lives.

           CORE STRENGTH


Often times when we hear the word "core", we tend to think of this as being just our stomach muscles.  The core is much more and plays a major role in preventing injuries especially those associated with back pain.  We will teach you the proper techniques to build, strengthen and stabalize these groups.



Motivation is one of the key tools needed to reach our goals.  Group classes are offered to all ages and levels of fitness.  We combine a variety of workouts from stretching classes, high intensity interval training, yoga, strength training, endurance training, aerobic and anerobic classes. While having fun and getting your sweat on, group classes are motivating, inspiring and a great way to push you and your peers to succeed.    

Travel and time management is an essential part of our everyday personal and work life.  Whether you travel for work or spend time running your children to and from doctors appointments, practices and school all day.  We will put together a training plan that can be easily done from your hotel room or comfort of your home that requires little to no weights and just 30 minutes of your time.


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